If you've ever driven in snow, you know that winter driving brings a whole new set of challenges. While there are many things you can so to ensure that you're driving safely this coming winter, one of the most important ones is getting a fresh set of winter tires. While four wheel drive can get you out of some cold situations, winter tires can prevent you from ending up in them in the first place.

Winter Tires 

Winter tires are made from a rubber compound that's different from your usual tire. Winter tires grip the road better and have an optimized tread width for unbeatable traction. More grip means you won't slide around as much on icy roads. Four wheel drive will get you going but winter tires will keep you on the road.
Winters tires can provide up to three times the stopping distance compared to summer tires. That means you'll be less likely to get into an accident. If you need to swerve, odds are you'll hold onto the road and maintain control as well.

Winter Driving Tips

While winter tires are extremely helpful in snow and ice, don't get over confident. Like any vehicle, the tires can only do so much. To stay safe, take these tips on the road with you:
  • Keep both hands on the wheel.
  • Slow down before turning, no matter how tight the corner is.
  • Don't accelerate around corners.
  • Avoid changing lanes on snow-covered roads.
  • Beware of black ice. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.
  • Four wheel drive may be able to get you going but it doesn't guarantee you'll be able to stop.
  • Keep a good distance from the vehicle in front of you. It's hard to predict what the road may be like ahead.
With these tips and a set of winter tires, you'll be able to stay on the road and get to and from your destination safely.

Winter driving is dangerous; avoid taking risks and do all you can to stay on the road and in control. Come by Shults Nissan to get your fresh set of winter tires today. Simply fill out the service<.span> form to the right to make an appointment or give us a call at (888) 706-5898 today. We look forward to seeing you at Shults Nissan!

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