New tires are an investment. They are the only thing connecting you to the road. Ignoring your tires can be a major safety issue. No matter what car you drive, how expensive it is, and how great your engine, shocks, brakes, and suspension are, tires affect your car's performance on the road. It's important to have the right tires and to learn how to maintain them properly. Here's a short list to help you decide what tires are right for your Nissan so you can be sure to get the most out of your new or used car. 

1. Make sure you are choosing the right sized tires. If your tires are the wrong size, you could experience some difficulty driving, or even have an accident because of them. Your owner's manual and the manufacturer's website should be able to tell you what size tires you should get for your specific vehicle. If you're still not sure, bring your car by Shults Nissan and our helpful auto technicians can help you select the perfect new set.

2. Choose the right tires for the season. In winter, put on winter tires and in summer, use summer tires or performance tires. You can use all-season tires for the entire year, but they become stiffer in winter weather, making it harder to grip the road, and in the brutal winters we have here in the Jamestown area, sometimes you need all the help you can get.

3. Ensure all four tires are the same. Avoid using two winter weather tires, or two all-weather tires instead of purchasing a full set. When you use two different types of tires, the two parts of your car could move differently when you steer, causing safety issues down the road. 

No matter if you decide you need all-season tires for your new Nissan, performance tires, or if you're looking for a set of winter tires, come by Shults Nissan to talk to our knowledgeable parts and service staff. We will help ensure that you're getting the best tires for your car. Our friendly staff will help you not only get the right tires, but they will also install them for you in a timely fashion. Make a service appointment using our handy schedule service form below and stop by to our Jamestown dealership today!

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