When you need a new car, it's not always easy to tell if you should buy or lease your new vehicle. Both leasing and buying a new car have some benefits and some drawbacks. Check out our buying versus leasing lists below to determine what best fits your budget and your driving habits. If you're still unsure whether you should buy or lease your next new Nissan, come into Shults Nissan and talk to our friendly sales and finance staff. We would be more than happy to help you understand all of the details involved in your unique situation. 

 Benefits of Leasing a Car Drawbacks of Leasing a Car
  •  Lower monthly payments than buying the same car
  •  Strict mileage restrictions
  •  No trade-in hassles
  •  Excessive mileage charges
  •  Fewer maintenance costs and issues
  •  Early lease termination fees
  •  Usually lower down payments
  •  Wear and tear charges
  •  Lower tax payments
  •  No customization opportunities
  •  You lose all of the money you put into the car when the lease is up
  •  You don't own the car
  •  More expensive overall (compared to buying)



 Benefits of Buying a Car Drawbacks of Buying a Car
  •  No mileage restrictions                                
  •  Unpredictable trade-in values
  •  You can customize your car however you want 
  •  Larger down payments
  •  More economical in the long run
  •  Larger monthly payments
  •  You can change your car whenever want (no lease contract or termination fees)
  •  Responsible for more maintenance costs

Generally, if you tend to drive lots of miles, then you want to look at buying a car. If you don't drive that many miles and want a more expensive vehicle than you can readily afford, then you should look into leasing a car. Either way, come by Shults Nissan to learn more about your financing options and to get into your new car today!